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The recidivism rate in our country is at an alarming high high. Between 70 to 85 percent will re-offend within the first year of release.


We have created Navigations as a comprehensive incarceration outreach training program designed to educate and equip volunteers with the skills needed to build and maintain outreach ministries to those behind bars helping them navigate the world once released back into the community. Navigations is designed to address the difficulties faced when releasing from an incarceration program, state/Federal, back into society.

Train volunteers in a multiple of skills related to successful reentry:

  • Probation and Parole case management referral and community supervision management
  • Medical and housing assistance
  • Referral management

Life skills

  • Education
  • Money management
  • Employment
  • Child support/ reunification
  • Changing world (most inmates that have been incarcerated more than 10 years have great challenges with electronic devices, driving, etc. Volunteers will be trained in sensitivity training to teach basic living skills in the 21st century.

Our Reintegration Program